Book Marketing

Bright Lights...

So your doing everything right and it is still not helping your bottom line.

Time to changes things up a little - reach out to places you feel a good old fashioned book reading may go over well. Book in advance, get your name out there in your little town paper, invite family and friends and alert your local media ((worth a shot right))

Don't go overboard with the books you bring to sell.

Be proactive - gets some bookmarks made with your information on it get it out there, have some little take away's that promote you as an author and be prepared to answer questions. Most of make what your reading be captivating and be sure to practice.

Start a website and if your not blogging - incorporate it informative and kind. Do do do think about count down deals and or give away's. Let everyone know your working on something new and exciting and get to twittering and perhaps a facebook page... you don't have to over do it social media wise - select what your comforable with and share ...

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