Mother's Day - With Love

If you are fortunate to have your mom around this Mother’s Day – pamper her with all the things she loves and if that’s you… dedicate the entire day to making her feel like your #1. There are far far to many of us out here will be going and grabbing flowers and talking to a headstone or an urn; reminiscing about times that have past.

Love her despite all of her faults, she is human too and don’t’ think you were always a gem!! Forget about waiting to tell her something, tell her now as the saying goes yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised so you best focus on today cause it’s all we have.

As an author and avid reader I strongly suggest giving her a gift card for her Kindle or itunes to grab a book or run to the book store to search out one of her favorite authors or grab her something new that she may find exciting.

To all the Mom’s out there… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

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