Boom, Bang or Bust... A writers life

So here it is... the secret to writing: There really is no secret to writing - Oh you didn't know that or maybe you already did?

Tap into your style; your very creative juices - oh and let them flow. Learn to develop your inner voice and most importantly allow the words to flow freely. Editing can be a nightmare but so can getting your story out - worry about editing when all the good stuff is in place. Write from your heart, readers will notice the difference; it will be clear in every word you write. Allow the excitement flow readily through your fingertips. I myself like to close my eyes and visualize what I am writing about; being that fly on the wall - taking in all the details.

Be as creative and expressive as you like; there really is no wrong way of writing - however given that, there is a right way to be a writer.

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