For The Love of Writing

Can I just say, I Love Writing – it is in my very blood, a passion and a love. Although through the different stages in my life, I had to put it on the back burner for various reasons. Being a mother of three, a wife, working full time, and attending college there was precious little time to devote and so I made do with reading other’s stories. Reading, another love; one which I could find time to enjoy… But now that the children are all grown, it tickles me to say – I now have time to devote to what truly makes my mind excited…Writing!

Writing is something anyone can do; it is therapeutic in so many ways; I have always turned to writing all my life. It has allowed me to digest my anger, see a situation more clearly, release my feelings. And when I write novels, they truly come from my heart to yours – my genre is romance both contemporary and historical. I try to bring my characters alive, with a passion that touches the heart… I know my novels are not for everyone, but for those who enjoy a good romance: I sure hope my words are able to transport you from your worries, make you smile and perhaps sigh a time or two… if but for a short time.

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