Writers Block

Have you ever had a bout of writer’s block? What have you done to work yourself through this?

I try to empty my head of all my characters, who can all run together like naughty children… I then attempt to relax and do something enjoyable. Watch a program with my husband, maybe go out to dinner and a movie. If left to my own devices there is a strong likelihood that I will relax in my living room chair and put on some classical music and rest my head back and close my eyes – clearing my mind of everything. Outside stressors can affect everything we do; so it is important to take care of situations before they become something your stressing about ((if and when at all possible)) cause life happens. But when things settle down for me, I notice I am refocused and words flow to my fingertips like magic. Just like with any other work you do; you need to take a break and recharge your batteries; have a bit of fun!!!

Quick up date: It worked, I put it aside for a couple of days - cleared my head and BOOM... I am back on track!!! The Fitzgerald ~ Destiny's Story is in the final stages and like my fans on www.wattpad.com they can't wait to see what is happening with Destiny and Kellan - will they be able to over come the current and growing obstacles???? Stay tuned and fine out!

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