I have done my research regarding self-publishing and is the way to go - is it easy? Relatively so; does it require time and dedication - You bet! and then the fun stuff really begins, "Marketing" So not easy to do; granted there are a lot of things that you can do for free right off the bat. Count Down deals through Kindle on Amazon - consider getting published on and putting yourself out there ... Then you need to get on social media; get yourself out there... advertise and promote your own writing and it doesn't hurt to help another author either - I love to support one another and mostly use my platform on Twitter to do this. List to the people you enjoy your work, maybe you try family or friends to edit for you and give you honest feed back. I personally love to do this; the people are great and give you honest feed back. It is getting your very own sample from around the world - honest opinions that really matter.

I encourage your thoughts, and if you have any suggestions or have a topic you'd like to see highlighted ---> please shoot me an email!

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