The L word - four letters - BIG BANG

Do you know someone - in love with LOVE?

Who seems to fall in love quickly in every new romantic relationship they ever had. Do these people "And I say these people in the sense as it is seen within both sexes of varying age groups" - So do you think these people have a greater capacity to love than the rest of us or are they unknowingly in LOVE with LOVE.

Is it possible for both types to co-exist in all of us? Maybe and maybe not - perhaps we can see it in ourselves when we look back to our youth, personally I see it with the boy bands that I fell in love with - looking back I realize I fell in love with their music, the words that would flow and wrap around me; which created an image in my mind of this boy and BOOM love!

Great marketing strategy I say; as we can easily see this was not love and yet it was a deep infatuation with this imaginary person you came to associate with the boy/girl on the cover of that magazine : )

#Love #words #feelings #imagination #music #opiniion #writers #writing

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