Teegan lived a relatively peaceful existence - a sought after healer in her small village and the daughter of a mighty Laird, each earning a position of respect among her people. Living in a harsh land and dangerous time; any peace had been shattered with the raid of her village that claimed her father's life. A dark time that seen Teegan living in constant fear of the next time murders breeched her land. It wouldn't be long before her fear was realized. Even though she was trained in both weaponry and in the ways of healing; she would be totally unprepared for the events that would see her a captive of the feared Vikings; and soon living among people meant to be forever her enemy. 

From the shores of Ireland to the beaches of Normandy, Teegan weathered the angry sea and the wildly savage Vikings who in the blink of an eye had taken her every freedom. A woman used to the privileges her station in life had afforded her, she struggled against despair during the voyage to a new land. Constantly pondering when her death came and she was certain it was just a matter of time; would it be swift or drawn out. 

A historical romance filled with divine mischief.

Historical Romance


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