The Fitzgerald - Kristy's Story

From the small east coast town of Portland, Maine, to the bustling city of Boston, Massachusetts; Kristy was used to change, but it sure didn’t mean she welcomed it. When her best friend Grace who’s cleaning company she worked for talked her into taking on her largest and most daunting client to-date; she had strong reservations and a deep sense that things would never be the same. Yet lulled by Grace’s repeated assurances that she would never have to meet Ronan Fitzgerald, she took the position on. 
Ronan’s entire life changed when he came home early from work to find himself in the presence of an erotic nymph; one who emerged from his bathroom with billows of steam following behind; making the entire scene something from the movies. He found his senses being enveloped by her very essence - a startling combination of exotic beauty and innocence. He soon found himself in a battle of wills; unsure for the first time in his life who the victor would be.

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The Fitzgerald - Amelia's Story 

After being embroiled in a sticky work situation involving a deranged woman; Titian Fitzgerald swore he would never hire another woman to fill the role of his site development assistant or any other assistant for that matter. Then the most extraordinary thing happened; Amelia Romard walked into his office and tipped his world on its axis. 

Amelia had been pretty sure she had blown the interview, conducted by none other than the CEO Titian Fitzgerald himself. Known as being a renowned hard ass, but to look at him; lord but he was beautiful, hand sculpted by the good lord himself and a voice made for melting panties. By the time she had left his office it felt like a battering ram had pounded her brain to bits, she’d been mentally exhausted. Looking at her surroundings in her new office, shaking her head it had been far too ballsy of her to think she could work in close quarters with him without embarrassing herself. 
Love Is: Laughter, Light, Kindness, Passion, Tenderness, Fire, and Darkness...

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The Fitzgerald - Grace's Story

 An intriguing story of one woman’s struggle, with death, love and danger; Grace Sutherland was anything but the shy, timid creature her sister was. She had fought to get them both out of small town Portland, ME to the city of Boston, MA; leaving behind a host of hauntingly painful memories.

Insanely happy the day she landed The Fitzgerald as a client, broadening the clientele of her small cleaning company. Never would she have imagined she would end up falling in love with the middle brother; who was even more so skittish about love and loss than she. 
But there were changes rolling in much like that of an angered sea, changes neither she or the Fitzgerald’s could control or stop. Will these changes manage to bring two lost souls together or rip them forever apart? 

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The Fitzgerald - Destiny's Story

Destiny’s world came to a screeching halt upon her mother’s death; now facing life terrifyingly alone. Forced to sell her car to keep the furnished room she’d been renting in hopes to find a position. The want ads listing jobs she could ill afford to take now without a means of transportation, she knows in her heart it is time to do something drastic and when she notices a Nanny position in the want ads that she is qualified for it is like a boon from the heavens. 
She soon found herself meeting with an older woman in a conference room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in downtown Boston. Although she was warm and welcoming, she was shrouded in mystery and sophistication. Her English accent hammering home that they were leagues apart and yet Destiny did the only thing she cold when offered the position abroad and accepted. 

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        Historical Romance Author: Elizabeth Petrie 

Until You - A Viking Tale 

Teegan lived a relatively peaceful existence, a sought-after healer in her small village and the daughter of the clans mighty Laird MacLoirg, each earning a position of respect among her people. Any peace had been shattered with the raid of her village that claimed her father's life; a dark time that seen Teegan living in constant fear of the next time murders would breech her shores. It wouldn't be long before her fears were realized, when the summer tides brought with them a small army of murdering warriors. Even though she was trained in both weaponry and in the ways of healing; she would be totally unprepared for the events that would see her a captive of the feared Vikings.

From the shores of Ireland to the beaches of Normandy, Teegan barely weathered the angry sea and the wildly savage Vikings; who in the blink of an eye had taken her every freedom. A woman used to the privileges her station in life had afforded her, she struggled against despair during the voyage to a new land. The ponderings of her own death a constant companion, certain it was just a matter of time now; would it be drawn out or come swiftly. 
A historical romance filled with divine mischief.

     Book 1 - To Love, Honor & Cherish Series 

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